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even though the guys are crazy...

I haven't updated this in a while... I haven't been reading other peoples' either so don't feel bad if you don't care that I'm even updating. What's going on with me...

I gots me a new boyfriend. haha You're probly going "jeez, another one?" >.>;; Well... Yes. haha. Gosh! So yeah, he's nice because he actually cares about me and doesn't pretend to, atleast I think he does. Although, I guess I'm not a very good judge of character am I??

Oh yeah, I guess I should finish off that Andy story huh? blah blah... So basically he ended up breaking up with me again and made up some bullshit excuse *again*. Yeah, he's a lying asshole. You guys can go hunt him down if you want, I don't mind. Really!! >:] He still has my damned necklace. ARGH. EDIT: He actually never really did tell me why. I wrote this last night and I just remembered that. What a fuckin ass. He disgusts me.

So, anyway, back on topic! His name is Nick and he's really kewt and really nice. :) So yay! We've been doing all this stuff together all the time. Jade's like all mad that he's taking up my time away from her. lol XD Actually, we just went to see The Omen yesterday when it came out. I really liked it, but I really liked the original too. I knew they weren't gonna really adjust the deaths too much, they were timeless. Beautiful film. And we've watched a buncha other movies, I make him watch horror movies haha He loves it, he just doesn't know it yet. >:3 We watched Doom tonight. Oh lordie. *rolls eyes* I don't know if the game was originally about a "virus" type thing mutating the people or if they made that up for the movie. I honestly don't even remember there being a storyline in the old Doom games, and my brother said that Doom3 is about some kinda soul stealing thing?? So to me it just seemed like they copied off of RE the whole time. I was saying someone needed to sue or something. =;

And Tyler's back to being my friend now, I think he hated me for a lil while there. And I guess now Dave (another one of my ex's) hates me again. Why? I have no idea, I thought we were cool. lol my bad. :P

So anyway... My birthday is on the 30th of this month. :) I guess Jade actually bought me something that she said I'm gonna love so I'm really excited to see what it is, although now I feel bad for not getting her anything for *her* birthday. Then, on top of that she finds out the sex of her baby, my future neice/nephew, on my birthday!! yay! :3 And I asked my gramma for Paris's "confessions of an heiress" bewk and her first perfume. And I think my dad and Nick are together buying me a 2B Free outfit, so I'm excited about that. And I just realized that I should have a mega super blowout SEAGALATHON on my birthday!!!! Wewt!!

That reminds me, I'm now like the leader of the Steven Seagal fan club. lol It's soooo funny. Man, we watch that shit, it's so fun. haha Seagal pwnz.

Anywayz, there's probly other stuff, but I dunno I hate reading long entries so I try not to write too many long ones. Unless I write one of those long thoughtful, well-written entries. Those are always interesting and fun to read. :)
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