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birthday, boats, racing weekend

Wow, we did a lot of stuff this weekend. o.O;; It was my birthday on friday soo...

We had my birthday party! We had lots of food like chips, candy, sloppy joes, cakes, and ice cream. So, there was lotsa stuff going on. And we watched 2 Steven Seagal classics: Exit Wounds and Shadowman. We were sposed to have me, Nick, Scott, Crystal (his new gf), Josh, Karen, Curtis, and Heather. But Scott had to work late and Curtis ended up having to do something w/his family or something so it was just me, Nick, Josh, and Karen. Kinda sucked cause like I said we had a lot of food. D:

But yeah, the movies were pretty owny and we ate a lot of kewl stuff. They ended up staying over pretty late too, till maybe like 4 or something, I don't remember actually. But yeah turns out they were going to see some "tall ships" the next day in a diff town so I was like hey me and Nick should go. /ho

Tall ships! We went, it was hot as hell outside when we got there cause it was like right in the afternoon-afternoon, ya know? Plus I need new insoles in my boots, so I felt like I was gonna die walking to this one place. We had no idea where we were sposed to be going because we didn't have any brochures or maps or anything... So we just got on some bus and it took us to this one street place. There were like 3 areas with diff ships, but we didn't know how to get to them or what to do, and it seemed like a lot of walking... So, anyway we got to the first place, and it turned out there was a place doing speedboat tours and they were going by the tall ships, so we decided to get tickets for that, which was in like a few hours. So, we went to go eat...

Ok, we've noticed that I manage to either piss off or really confuse every single waitress and/or hostess that we see when we go to eat. haha I totally messed up the waitress at this restaurant. Man... It was pretty funny though. Anyways, so after that we had a lil time before the boat trip, so we went in a shop and Nick got sunglasses, then we went in this other place so we could all go pee, (except Josh went poop), and we were amusing the guy working there I guess. haha :P And I got a chocolate ice cream cone, yum.

So then we got on the boat and we got soaked. XD haha It was fun though, and we got to see the tall ships. They were like these replicas of old ships or something. And we were just goofing around and acting dorky, so yeah. /heh Anyway, after that we left, we had to ride a bus back to the car and Josh was talking on the intercom on the bus (the driver actually let him lol). XD

When we got back to Jacksonville, we went to Arby's I think. We got Heather and went to Arby's and got some food, I got some cheeeeeese sticks. 8) And we went back to Karen's house and we played some games and Nick was asleep. lol So then we slept there and stuff.

Woke up, and stuff... Took a shower at Karen's house and then Josh had to take Karen and Heather to work, and I was like well do you wanna go get breakfast or something? So we went out for breakfast and then we were like so what are we gonna do now? Duh! Go see Tokyo Drift, suckas! lol (we were hoping to see a cameo of the master of acting, Paul Walkah! Suckas!) Anywayz, so it didn't start till like 1:30, so Josh went to his house to get some stuff and me and Nick came back to my house. My dad wasn't even home, he was fishing I guess. I tried to call him and tell him we were going drift racing (lol) but he hung up on me :( Well anyway, Nick was playing PSO, so we pretty much missed like all the previews. :( We went into the theater... You'll never believe this... There were PEOPLE there! To see the movie!!!! They were serious! haha I was like wtf are all these people doing here? XD So then we were watching the movie and we kept talking and making fun of it the whole time (that's what we do =;) and I guess we were pissing off people around us because they took the movie seriously. ??? Weird. I was kinda mad that in the end they put Nissan parts inside that Mustang though, it made my woo-hoo sad. It didn't sound right, like it didn't sound all muscular and badass, it had that lil racecar sound, so meh they sux. :( Also, I was hoping to see like a totally "tricked out" Toyota Vitz, but no. No love for the Vitz. :( Nick was mad that there wasn't an Eclipse or enough Mitsubishis. meh :P I think Mustangs and Vitz's are more important, duhhh =;

So then after the movie we were like hmm So wut now... And I was like Actually I'm kinda hungry again. :( So Josh was like Ok let's go to Applebees. And of course... We had to RACE THERE!!! lol hahahaa oh man... So we were at this 4 way intersection and we were in Nick's car and Josh was at the intersection going the opposite way (he was fixing to turn into the way we were going) and we were doing gun symbols at each other from across the way w/our hands. (It means we're "serious" biatches) So then our lane went before Josh got to go and the guy in the front of his row of cars was afraid to turn on a red light. So we won the race 8) So I managed to semi-confuse this waitress with the way I don't like red onions. XD I got some sandwich that was pretty gewd.

So then after that we had to get Karen cause she got out of work, and we went to the gas station and then we went to a car wash and Blockbuster and back to Karen's house. We watched Audition (which I'd been waiting to see) and went to eat at like 3am XD. Then ended up getting home around 5 and I passed out. Actually I'm tired again I think it's about nap time...

I just realized that there gets to be more info about each day... haha I guess I forgot what happened as the days get older... Isux. :( Oh yeah! My gramma got me for my bday Paris's book "Confessions of an Heiress" and her perfume. :) yay!
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