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"Last updated 100 weeks ago"...

HA! That's a long time ago. :P I wanted to post something, though. I don't really use livejournal anymore... That always ends up happening, where I use it for short spurts. Oh well, my personality is just like that where my interests skip around. (ask Jade)

Anyways, what I wanted to post about that I thought was interesting is that... I was cleaning my room (I'm working on getting everything *actually* organized) and I pulled my shelf out to clean behind it. I found this thing from like the 6th grade; it's like a paper with photos and people writing on it. My teacher had written that she knew I would make a great performer... It sort of made me sad for a minute to remember how I lost my dream of becoming an actress. Don't know if anybody remembers all that, but I really was serious about becoming an actress for about 10 years (from when I was 5 till 15 or 16). It just reminded me of how good of a performer I really was and how much potential I had that even a 6th grade teacher could recognize it. Or maybe she was just trying to be nice; who knows?

Now, I don't really have my idea of a career really set in stone... I want to try out a few things and then pick a comfortable situation to kind of bring me into retirement. That might involve some sort of business venture or something... A sort of investment/retirement type thing. I want to do linguistic type stuff for the AF, but I'm actually not even sure if I can get into that sort of career path on a business degree. :/ Which is sort of a downer... I want to do something with writing at some point, as well. And I want all this horror stuff I spend all my time on to amount to something one day. And maybe something to do with my art.

Anyways, I just thought that was interesting that I found that. It reminded me of how much I used to want to be an actress. It also makes me wonder if I chose the right path by not pursuing it, but I guess there is no way of knowing the answer to that. I can only work hard to establish myself in some way that makes me happy, I guess. I like to think that one day it will all come together, anyway.
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