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Yowzahs... Haven't updated this.... I spose I should, maybe? Anybody interested?

I can't remember the last time I actually typed anything of substance on here... Soooo... I'm still in skewl, etc. It's spring break right now though. I actually kinda miss going to skewl everyday. I was started to meet more people, etc. So, that's always fun, I guess. o.o;

Actually, I went to the mewvies last week w/some new guy I met named Chris. We went to see The Hills Have Eyes, which he'd already seen, but he said it was good so he didn't mind watching it twice. We were the only people in the theater XD! So we could like talk and say goofy stuff during the mewvie.

Then, on Friday, I called up Josh and I was like "hey I'm about to have a boring spring break, you wanna do something?". lol I'm a dork... Anyways, so he came and got me, then we got Karen and went to the arcade. We played some gamez... Me and Karen didn't wanna play DDR though cause there was like some kinda DDR gang (lol srsly) at the arcade... So, we didn't wanna lewk dun and shiz... So yeah, then we played some battle of the sexes air hockey with me/Karen vs Josh. We still lost. :( And we were racin and shiz tew yo. lol So then Curtis and Heather got there and we played some laser tag. I thought I'd try playing it w/out my heels on this time... >.>;; Good going, cause afterwards my legs were all screwed up. >:[ So then we left and we got some leet ass mewvies at blockbuster (The Gingerdead Man, and Santa's Slay) and we got some tacos at Taco Bell. Then we went to Josh's house and ate some tacos and watched the leet movies and drank some coffee. Then we went to bed and Josh thought it was really strange that I was afraid of the dark. >:[ Nothin wrong w/that!

Anywayz... So then in the morning I was having trouble walking cause my legs were all screwed up. Heather and Curtis left, we went to Heather's house and met up w/them. We watched some tv, I took a nap, we ate some dinner, and played a game. Then we went over to Karen's house... Oh wait! But on the way there we were throwing eggs at Curtis's car. lol hahahahaha So we watched some tv at Karen's house and drank some coffee. And me and Curtis ate like all Karen's oreos. >:3 Well, except for one, cause we didn't want anymore and there was 1 left. ;( So thennnnnn... I got home at like 3, barely able to walk. :(

Then on Sunday and Monday I didn't do anything cept lay around cause my legs were killin me. Oh wait! I went out to dinner on Sunday w/my dad and his girlfriend. XD Her and her daughter were all saying I was really skinny and pretty and stuff. :) I was like yeah I try hard to be skinny and stuff. :3 It's kewl when people notice. His gf was saying I should go to Taiwan w/her (I guess thats where she's from) and she said that like all the guys would like wanna go out w/me or something. So me and my dad were saying I'd end up coming back w/the president of X corporation, who has like 6 cars and 3 mansions etc. lol hahahahahahaa >:]

Ok, so now I'm just sitting here doing nothing.... Ok, let's take a few steps backwards... Instead of talking about stuff that I did recently let's talk about this other crap going on...

Ok! o.O; So... >.>;;;;;; I bet everyone remembers that long entry I wrote about Andy, right? Or if they read it, anyway. So I guess you all kinda know a lil bit about him, then. Well... Uhm... A few weeks ago he decided he was randomly ready to apologize. o.O Weird, huh??

Well, he says that he is different and that he had been thinking about me since we broke up and been trying to decide what he wanted to do, etc. Whether or not that is actually true, I don't know, I guess. I was trying to be mean and shrug him off at first, because that's actually what he deserves after he did it to me.

But, I cracked. I emailed him saying how I was going out w/Tyler and how I didn't know if I could be friends w/him and how I didn't really know what he wanted etc, and I was trying to throw in some rude things in there. So, then he emails me back saying that he actually wanted to get back together w/me and how he felt all bad about what happened etc. I dunno, when I read it I was like felt all sick and had a headache and stuff.... Cause here I was, about to move out w/Tyler. Ya know??? Then this gets thrown in my lap on top of that.

Then I started talking to him again and he was saying how he wanted me to go down there for my spring break, so I could see for myself if he was different and how well we could get along together etc. I was like why do you even care this much about something that you threw away, etc, ya know? And he was saying he didn't wanna let it go because we still had a connection that he could feel, or somethin. So, I told him I would think about it. Which really meant that I would battle it out inside my head. XD

Well, this whole time I'd been telling Tyler what was going on. Cause, I don't wanna hide stuff from him, and I thought he had a right to know. When I told him I was actually considering going to FL, Tyler went off on me. :/ He was like yelling at me and he said I was "fucked up". Tyler was yelling at me and saying that he couldn't believe I would even consider talking to Andy or whatever because of how I always said bad things about him. But, I told Tyler that I probly was saying it, realistically, to remind myself. I haven't talked to him since, actually. And that was probly over a week ago, I dunno. I actually ended up talking to Ash about it and she was saying some things that made me realize that maybe my relationship with Tyler really wasn't even based on my feelings in the first place. Like maybe I just ended up going out w/him and wanting to move in w/him because that's how he felt for me and maybe I just needed that for myself. I dunno, maybe she was right.

So, next, I listened to my dad argue w/me about it. Well, after already hearing what Jade and Ash had to say, of course. My dad was telling me I was being really stupid and that people don't change, etc. But, I dunno... I can change, so hmmmmm... He was saying he knows I don't listen to his opinion, so he told me I should listen to other people's as well. But, I already know what other people are going to say. I'm not that stupid. :P Anyway, my dad said I could do whatever I want, but if I went to FL, then I would be doing something really stupid etc. Actually, he was also saying that like he was looking forward to meeting Tyler, which kinda made me feel bad. >.>;;

So, I was kinda planning in the back of my head actually going, but I didn't say anything to Andy about it because I didn't want him to think he was 'holding any cards', ya know? I told him on the Wednesday before the week I was sposed to be there, and it turned out the plane ticket price had risen too high. So, I couldn't go anyway. After all that drama. How do ya like that? :P Jade was like laughing at me about it though, obviously she liked it. :P

Anyway... Still talkin to Andy, I guess we're back together again??... Not really sure what's gonna happen w/that. Any thoughts? I was gonna make this a friends-only entry. Oh well. I try to do as few friends-only entries as possible. /hmm
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